Thursday, November 02, 2006


Welcome to -- an online community for those of us living with ongoing health conditions.

If you are like me, and either have an ongoing health condition or love someone who does, then maybe you've found that sharing our stories with others like ourselves can be powerful and life-affirming.

That's the point of Our goal is to provide a central location for online journals, written by people from around the world, sharing their experiences with ongoing health conditions. Sometimes the content of this site will be sad, other times scary or happy or crazy or just whatever. Every day, right here, we will learn and laugh and cry about life and death and everything in between.

Please join us.

- Sean

Sean Spence
MS Fighter & Founder,


Blogger Jaime said...

Hi Sean,

Thanks for contacting me. I will blogroll you as well. I think it is great that you are sharing your blog space with people of all illnesses. It is always amazing to see how people can pull themself up out of hard times. I hope we will get to know you and hear about your experiences as well.

I hope you are doing well. Take care.


6:56 PM  

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