Friday, November 03, 2006

New to SharingOurDays -- Tim's HIV Blog

Hey Y'all!

You have to wade through just a bit to get to the heart of "Tim's HIV Blog" (under the new category to the right, "HIV/AIDS Blogs) but the wading is worth it. Tim talks a lot about "thriving with HIV" and this attitude shines through.

Tim has good advice for living long-term with HIV, such as the following passage:

For those of us who have become disabled and unable to work a daily job; we must be vigilant and watch the changes in the world today, and when energy costs keep rising, we have to be very proactive to be able to keep our way of life stable and independent if we are going to have any comfort in our private lives in say 10 years from now. For those of you who are still young and able to work; you must also be proactive and spend your money wisely so that you can also be better off in 10 years from now. It is not hopeful that things will get any better in the world, so making the right choices to keep you from becoming helpless is of the utmost importance.

Check it out.

- sean

Sean Spence
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Blogger Jaime said...

I think that is wise advice for anyone in this day and age, disabled or not. Thanks for sharing Tim's blog with us.

Take care,


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