Monday, March 12, 2007

SharingOurDays HealthBlog Headlines -- 3-12-07

"Update on Back to Columbia... WSHIP Lite: A Bad Idea"
The Assertive Cancer Patient (Cancer)

Just Worth Reading
"A Dying Person's Gift of Love"
Dying Man's Daily Journal (Bain Tumors)

"Booby Prize"
To Keep You, A Breast (Breast Cancer)

"Again with the Damn Hair"
As the Tumor Turns (Cancer)

"Good and Bad News"
Diary of My Battle with Cancer (Cancer)

"A Very Important Day"
NPR: My Cancer (Cancer)

"Thank You and Coming Home"
My Cancer Trek (Cancer)

"Life Goes On"
Leafing (Caretakers)

"Seeing the Sights of New York City"
Ellie Skees -- Age 8 (Children)

"I See You"
A Life Less Convenient (Lupus)

"Cooking Cabbage"
Libbi's MS Journey (Multiple Sclerosis)

"Wigged Out! Chapter 30"
traci-jerseygirl (Breast Cancer)

"Drugs that Heal, Drugs that Harm"
A Pastor's Cancer Diary (Cancer)


Blogger Bill said...

Shawn, I have received an invitation from one Tami Spence. She is the producer of a new TV show coming out this fall. It has a spot where they wish to reunite a terminally ill patient with someone they have lost track of over the years. Old friend, mentor, teacher what ever.
Check it out, she left it as a comment on my todays post. Someone else on you site or in your contacts may be interested. Bill

8:34 PM  
Blogger spidercrunch said...

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2:12 PM  

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