Monday, November 06, 2006

New to SharingOurDays -- MozartMovement (Parkinson's)

"MozartMovement" is written by a female Registered Nurse, diagnosed pretty recently with Parkinson's Disease. I like the way she writes. The passage below has a Christian reference or two, but I don't think non-Christian readers will find this pervasive in her journal entries or objectionable in any way. Her entries display a lot of common sense, a good connection with reality, and a poetic soul.

Here's an entry from Thursday, August 31st...


Today I was reading an article about a Parkinson's Disease treatment, and encountered the unfortunate phrase "(so-and-so) was losing her identity to Parkinson's..." Now, I've only been diagnosed since March, so my perception may be different than that of a long-term PWP (Person With Parkinson's). But regardless if I'm up in the morning and functioning as a nurse, or totally disabled in a nursing home, I will still be me! Granted, my self-image has been remodeled over the past year. Last July, high blood sugar. March, Parkinson's. May, osteoporosis. I'll admit I used to be proud of my high level of wellness, and my characteristic efficiency. Now, I have to carefully consider consumption of carbs. Walks are no longer effortless. I have to make time for tedious resistance exercises. I'm no longer able to quickly accomplish my charting at work or to cheerily pick up for others. I'm grieving the loss of the old me and inserting the new me into projected future scenarios. Truth be told, I needed to be remodeled. Christ requires humility and daily thankfulness. Things aren't perfect? More thankfulness! Some might speculate that we are dealt illnesses according to what we choose or deserve. I wouldn't have thought Parkinson's would be God's customized plan for me, in fact I can think of a lot of reasons why not. But life requires faith, regardless of our wellness level. Maybe this is God's reminder-plan for me.


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