Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New to SharingOurDays -- NotPerfectAtAll (HIV)

"NotPerfectAtAll" is written by Dragonette, of the Netherlands, diagnosed in December of 2005 with HIV.

Here is an excerpt from October 28, 2006:
As I write here I find that it is increasingly difficult to limit myself to things that won't reveal my identity. Already if someone I know stumbled across this page and read it carefully they would know who I am. At some point I will have to stop. Maintain my privacy. But not yet. It's a compulsion. It's keeping me afloat. I have taken to writing in Word first and then extracting what I am comfortable with to this webpage, which is not the purpose of this blog for me at all, I mean, to be blunt, it was supposed to be the plastic tub next to the bed I would heave into once in a while. But I can't be too risque (risque! ha ha... I always wanted to use that word, it is a sexy cheesy Danielle Steele/Jackie Collins type of word, like allure, and evokes assosiations of daytime encounters in hotels, sunglasses crossing through the lobby and skincolored stockings and beige raincoats).


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