Friday, December 22, 2006

New to SharingOurDays -- Ellie Skees, Age 8 (Children)

Jeez, it is hard to not get a little teary as I write this. Today I'm blogging in with the first entry about a child with cancer. Her name is Ellie and she is eight. The blog is written by her mother. Now I've read more and I dare you to read it and not cry. But you'll also find the strength of an amazing little girl and the family who loves her.

Here's the entry from Wednesday, December 20...

Snowglobe Surprise!

Yesterday we went to Michael and Kathy's (John's uncle and aunt) for a visit, and ended up staying over night and all day today. We had a great visit, and it was like a mini-vacation for me. I was able to read, watch TV, and enjoy my computer (after Michael fixed it for had been doing some strange things lately). I even got the creative outlet I had been needing - I was able to rearrange Kathy's living room. In case you are wondering, no I do not randomly go around rearranging people's furniture (that would just be rude)...I had been helping Kathy with this before Ellie got sick, so it was a continuation of a former project fo me. (O.k, I guess I'm kind of lying...if you're reading this, then in all likelihood I have rearranged your furniture before...maybe more than once...maybe even long distance with pictures or over the phone...drawn diagrams on napkins in restaurants...or perhaps talked about it but never gotten to it - yep, that just about covers all of you except the ones I haven't met. How rude!) Sorry, back from that rabbit trail. Ellie had fun too - yes, I do remember that I have a daughter. She had a blast - she watched TV, sat in front of their new and beautiful fireplace, watched families of racoons come up on the back porch to eat the cat food, played on the computer and got some special attention from Michael and Kathy. John was working both days, but he stayed the night with us.

Tonight when we arrived home, there was a gigantic inflatable snow globe in our yard waiting for Ellie from Jenn & Jim and family, Mom and Gary, and Grandma Jean and Grandpa Jim! I woke Ellie up just before we pulled into the driveway and she was shocked. When she finally got her bearings, Ellie jumped out of the car and ran across the yard. I did get some video, but I'm having some technical difficulties with putting it on the blog, but I do have a picture of when they set it up.[Thanks guys for doing such a special thing for Ellie - she was so excited! She has been admiring other people's Christmas decorations, especially the snow globes. Thank you, Jenn for coming up with such a wonderful idea. I'll try to get a good picture on tomorrow of Ellie in front of it in case I can't get the video to work.]

Ellie has a clinic appointment to check her blood levels. I think everything is dropping, particularly her hemiglobin. It will be good to find out if she needs any transfusions before Christmas. We also plan to bring Ethan home tomorrow...I just need to unearth his bed. We miss the little guy, and I know that he's puzzled and disturbed because of all the upheaval. He's happy and doing well for the most part, but he sometimes has dreams and thoughts that he's never going to come home again. He also dreamed one night that I left him in a building. I know, it's so sad. As soon as he's home again, he should see that we are still the same famly that we've always been. Poor little guy. He sometimes says "Mommy (or Daddy) tell Papi and Bubbie 'thanks for taking care of my little buddy'." We obligingly (and gladly) thank them and for some reason that just tickles his little heart.

Oh, I also wanted to let you know that if you post comments, you may want to check back on them because I do try to reply to them, particularly if you ask questions. Also, if you sent in a comment but haven't seen it posted, or I never answered your questions, please re-post your comment. I know that I have lost at least one...I accidentally deleted it before it posted...anyway please don't hesitate to try again. I'm so sorry if I've missed any. I do enjoy hearing from you, you are all so encouraging and it always blesses my heart to know so many people are out there loving us and praying for us. Thanks so much!


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