Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New to SharingOurDays -- Living with Epilepsy

A reader requested that we add a section for epilepsy-related blogs. There aren't as many out there as I would have expected, but I've found some good ones, and here is one from Emeriol. You have to wade in just a bit to get the real value of it, but I found it well worth my time.

- sean

This post is from November 20, 2006...

No more seizures
I have not had any more tonic-clonic seizures since the last one I had at work. Since then, I printed out about 200 seizure first-aid cards and the director had them passed out to all of our staff. Hopefully if I have another one, my co-workers will be better prepared to take care of me. That, and another 200 people will have received detailed information about taking care of people who have sizures. I'm sure they will run into more than just me...


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