Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New to SharingOurDays -- Nightmare Hall

Hey Y'all,

This one is different from any blog we've yet posted at SharingOurDays. "The Dreamer" is a long-term HIV survivor and the blog only tangentially (is that a great word or what?) relates to his condition. But he does talk about it on a fairly regular basis. We wanted to include it because The Dreamer really has a lot to say and is a pretty good writer. It brings home the point that we are so much more than just a disease, and yet that colors everything we say and do and feel.

- sean

The is an excerpt from yesterday's entry...

Techno shootout at the mall

Ahhh the retail holiday season has kicked into high gear (Bah humbug!) once againm and according to Gee Dubya Boosh the economy is going gang busters, at least for the rich it is, for the rest of the sheeple it'll be charging the plastic up to the limit once again, "we can't disappoint little Pugsley on Christmas morning."

Every store I've been in is decorated, playing holiday Muzak and has rolled out holiday merchandise for sale. I drove by a local TJ Max and there were signs in the windows advertising "Genuine iPods coming in December, limit 3 per customer." I suppose yuppies give iPods as stocking stuffers, what's a few hundred bucks when stuff like Benz's, Beemers and $20,000 $100,000 home theater systems as main gifts.


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