Sunday, November 12, 2006

New to SharingOurDays -- Dying Man's Daily Journal (Brain Tumor)

Hey Y'all,

Dealing with my MS, I don't know how many times I've said "either you laugh or you cry," and I think we all probably feel that way sometimes. I'm moved by this blog and the journal entry below, from November 9, 2006.

- sean

Joking About My Brain Tumor

I made a comment in a posting a while ago about laughing and joking around about my brain tumor. I have had several people ask how can you laugh at a brain tumor. I received a comment for sooty, who I think best summed it up. Sometimes you just have to laugh or you will cry.

Within a 12 month period I had a heart attack (my 4th), followed by a heart procedure in which a stent was placed in my heart. It was discovered I have a brain tumor. It was later discovered the tumor triggered epilepse. I was diagnosed with severe carnal tunnel in both wrists. I was diagnosed with periferal neuropathy. I was diagnosed with diabetes and some where in the middle of that I was diagnosed with the heart failure.

During that same 12 month period, our home was broken into 3 times, we were the victims of a home invasion. For my medical reasons I was forced to leave work, and we relocated to a different city, to be closer to various doctors.

All in all a pretty stressful year. It was originally with my brother Eric that the joking started. He usually picked up from my doctors appointments. It was to the point were it seemed after every appointment I was telling him, I was diagnosed with something new. First question he always asked, when I got into the car was “well what did the doctor have to say”. I need a heart procedure. Next appointment, “well what did the doctor have to say?” Brain tumor and on it went. The joking started with how I was going to have to stop going to see the doctor because every time I did, I had something new. It became almost overwelming and it was laugh or you will cry. Likely at the beginning the joking was a way of dealing with it hiding the nerves the worries. Gradually, it became more relaxed and even fun, all in a very light hearted way.

With the realization of the seriousness of my heart condition all of the other conditions seemed to just drop from sight. My tumor is slow growing and in the short haul will have minimal if any more effect on me. I will be gone before it causes any significant problems so it is like a none issue.

The main joking about the tumor comes from the questions the doctor asked shortly after my diagnosis. Conversation went something like this.

Dr. “Do you have any strong urges to do anything inappropriate”?

Me, “Huh”

Dr. “Do you ever have any urges to do anything such as urinating in public’?

Me, “NO”

Dr. “Do you ever feel the urge to expose yourself in public”?

Me, “NO”

Dr. ” Do you ever have the urge in inapporpriately touch or fondle another woman”?

Me. “NO”………. wait a minute now doc, hmm, when do you think this part might start kicking in. haha.

So I tease and get teased about partiucularly the flashing. You have to know me to really know that is something that just will not ever happen, tumor or no tumor.

A brain tumor is a very serious issue and can be a very frightening issue. I do not want to in any way minimize what others with the same condition are going through. It is just my circumstances are unique and allow for that teasing.
I really enjoy the teasing and joking. So, if you ever see me coming down the street….wearing a trench coat…..close your eyes. haha


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