Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New to SharingOurDays -- A Pastor's Cancer Diary

This is one of my favorite blogs, yet. It is written by cancer survivor Pastor Carl Wilton and overflows with heart, humor, and thoughtfulness. The bottom line is that I just plain like him, and you will, too.

This is a short excerpt from yesterday's entry...

During my chemotherapy, I simply didn’t have time for anger. I had to marshal all my emotional resources in the service of just getting by. The reality is, I’ve probably been stuffing my anger about the cancer for some considerable time. When I received first one clean PET/CT scan report, then another (in late May and early September) that was no time for feeling angry, either. I was supposed to feel relieved (and one part of me did, of course).

So what happens to all that suppressed anger? The answer seems to be that it’s coming out, inappropriately. I find I have a short fuse, these days, for petty frustrations. Other people around me have noticed it, too (in truth, they picked up on it before I did). It’s as though there’s a little voice in my head that keeps whispering, “You shouldn’t have to put up with this nonsense: you have cancer!”


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