Thursday, November 16, 2006

New to Sharing Our Days -- Sean's Blog, MS Cycling Saga

Hey Y'all!

It is a little insane to start two projects so closely together -- SharingOurDays and this other blog. But that's just how it has worked out. For a while now, I've been moving toward making some sort of grand gesture in the name of better living with MS, seeking to provide some inspiration for folks and maybe raising a little money.

First, I thouight about walking from one end of Missouri, where I live, to the other. That idea began to fall away when one of my knees -- both are bad -- started to hurt. Yes, I'm kind of a wuss. However, not one to just throw in the towel, I decided to try biking instead of walking. So far, that is working out pretty well.

Since I had figured the walk would take somewhere between 14 and 21 days, I decided to stick to that timeframe, which means the trip can be a much greater distance. After a good bit of thought, I decided to completely give in to my tendency toward the grand -- my psychologist mother likes to "joke" that I suffer from delusions of grandeur. So I'm going to New York City. Yep, I'm calling it "Missouri to Manahattan for Multiple Sclerosis."

That's right, a fat guy with MS is going to spend the next several months training for a 1500 mile bicycle ride. Hopefully I'll raise some money, all of which will go to the National MS Society. Hopefully I'll actually make it.

Please join me at for daily updates and we'll find out together.

- sean

Sean Spence
MS Advocate & Founder, SharingOurDays


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