Monday, December 11, 2006

New to SharingOurDays -- Surviving MS in Alaska

This is kind of a fun one, from Michelle.

This post is from November 2...

Back to Winter
I had a good time in San Francisco, I really enjoyed spending time with my daughter. I never has soo many comments about how young I look. She would call me "Mom" and people would stop and asked if they heard right. Most people think we are sisters. Sound's like bragging, it's not, it's just funny. It runs in the family. My mom came to pick me up when I was a junior in high school and SHE got stopped by a teacher asking her for HER hall pass, I was disgusted, not understanding. My mom just laughed. NOW I understand :)

San Francisco has a CRAZY bicycle scene! I wanted to rent some bikes and ride, but we couldn't fit it in. So now I'm back, work is a nightmare. 3 people walked off the job in 3 weeks. State jobs aren't as great as they used to be. My workload is the largest it's ever been. I can't wait until this weekend, work is wearing me out. It's cold here, in the 20's. It's actually good winter biking weather as everything is frozen, easier to ride in than slush. We have a few inches of snow. Lots of sparkly frost. The sun was shining bightly this afternoon, it was really beautiful.

I had no MS problems in San Fran. That was nice. I was good and took my shot every night. I have to take a day off the shots every now and then as I get sore. I can only inject in my mid-section, I don't have enough sub-q fat on my arms and legs, the med was getting into the muscles which is really painful, causes hours of cramping. Taking a day off the shots once a week helps it all heal up a bit.

I hope everyone is doing well, I have not had time to check anyones blogs lately.

Hey Charles, I fixed you link, sorry about that. It should work now!

Life is good, everyone!


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