Sunday, February 11, 2007

SharingOurDays Headline Listing -- 2-12-07

Here are "today's" headlines from the blogs linked to SharingOurDays. We've tried to categorize them for easy access. The way we organize this listing will certainly develop in the coming days and weeks as we figure out how to make it most user-friendly. Note that many of these are from the last 24 hours, but many are older. I pulled all of the headlines from February. In the future, I'll just pull the headlines from the previous 24 hours. - sean spence (

Healthcare Policy/Advocacy
"Advocacy Conference 2007"

Inspired me
"Butterfly Kisses"
My Year of Healing (Breast Cancer)

Just worth reading
Bomb in My Belly (Cancer)

"Day 121 -- No Church Today"
Diary of My Battle with Cancer (Cancer)

"Good Weekend -- Not So Much"
Living with Epilepsy (Epilepsy)

"The Boost"
Another Dose (Hodgkins Lymphoma)

"Bravo to Broadway at Beadtime"
Living in the Bonus Round (HIV/AIDS)

"Advanced Germ Containment Device"
A Life Less Convenient (Lupus)

"Bartonella, Lyme and Multiple Sclerosis"
Erik's Multiple Sclerosis Blog (Multiple Sclerosis)

"Signs of Spring Abound"
Libbi's MS Journal (Multiple Sclerosis)

"Getting Back to Normal"
The Multiple Sclerosis Companion (Multiple Sclerosis)

"Under the Weather"
Surviving Multiple Sclerosis in Alaska (Multiple Sclerosis)

Downs & Ups with Daddy
Day by Day with Parkinson's and Peripheral Neuropathy (Parkinson's)

Made me smile
Biography of Breast Cancer (Breast Cancer)

"A Dog's Life"
As the Tumor Turns (Cancer)

Made me think
"How I Cope"
Dying Man's Journal (Brain Tumor)

Appendix Cancer Survivor's Blog (Cancer)

"Stoic? Not me. More about feelings"
Life Changing Cancer (Cancer)


The Daily Warrior (Lou Gherig's Disease)

"Like Pulling Teetch"
Nightmare Hall (HIV/AIDS)

The Pink Factor (Cancer)

Related to Treatment/Research
"The Mammaprint Test Offers More Treatment Options"
Life with Breast Cancer (Breast Cancer)

"A Glimpse of the Grail"
A Pastor's Cancer Diary (Cancer)

Shameless Self-Blog promotion
Missouri to Manhattan (Multiple Sclerosis)

Special need for positive thoughts/prayer
"We're All In This Together"
My Cancer (Cancer)

"Decisions, Uncertainty, and... Peace"
Ellie Skees, Age 8 (Children Blogs)


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