Saturday, February 17, 2007

SharingOurDays Headline Listing -- 2-17-07

"Post-Treatment Mid-Life Crisis, Chapter 4"
Biography of Breast Cancer (Breast Cancer)

Just Worth Reading
"Fake Drug, Fake Illness: A New Urban Legend is Born"
The Assertive Cancer Patient (Breast Cancer)

Leafing (Caretakers)

"Coffee, Breast Cancer and Chemo Brain"
Life with Breast Cancer (Breast Cancer)


Blogger Jeanne said...

Hi--thanks for the link to my blog, The Assertive Cancer Patient.

I'd also like to let your readers know that I'm reviewing "cancer movies" on my blog.


How many times have I gone to a movie, maybe with one of my sons, looking for a little comedic relief from my life with cancer, only to find out that the movie is ABOUT CANCER!

Do I walk out? Suffer through it? Do I send my kid out for popcorn when the main character starts throwing up?

Why, oh why, don’t filmmakers give us some kind of rating or warning? Or at least hint during the preview that someone in this film has cancer? (Pieces of April, for example: the preview is all Katie Holmes wrestling with the most disgusting raw turkey I’ve ever seen—and a broken oven—with not even a hint, that the mother she is cooking dinner for is dying of breast cancer. Unfair.)

I’m tired of being emotionally blindsided at the movie theater. That’s why I decided to start reviewing Cancer Movies.

Check here before you rent a video or go out to the theater and see if the story may come a little too close to home. Or, if you are in the mood to watch someone else suffer for a change, at least rent the movie with your eyes wide open.

Here's the link:



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